Should I Hire A Property Management Company?

Do you want to have someone else take care of all the stresses and hassles involved in leasing, renting and maintaining your property?  If so then the short answer is YES.

The same way you wake up and go to work to do your job so do we, however our job is managing properties.

We all know how valuable time is and we can save you a lot of it. Do you have time to research what contractors are licensed, insured and reputable? How well versed are you in the Landlord Tenancy Act of Ontario, do you know the depths of both yours and your tenants rights and responsibilities? 


How does Toronto Landlord Services benefit me?

  • Monthly on time rent collection 

  • Move In & Move Out inspections

  • 24/7 emergency service

  • Coordinating tenants requests

  • Communication with building management

  • Knowledge of Residential Tenancy Act to avoid costly mistakes

  • Professional Realtors who monitor Toronto's market 365 days a year to maximize your rent

  • Save travel and worry time