Take Good Care Of Your Tenants And Your Tenants Will Take Good Care Of Your Investment

Quick tips to make sure that you establish a great professional relationship with your new tenants.

Having good long term tenants in your property that pay their bills on time, keep up to date with any maintenance they are responsible for, and don’t cause any problems, are exactly what every landlord wants. So, keeping them happy is paramount, and will not only make your life easier as a landlord, but will also be more valuable in making your investment much more profitable.

Follow these steps to keep your tenants happy and increase the chance of them renewing their lease:

1.) In order to make the tenancy run as smoothly as possible establish what you expect of your tenants from the beginning of the tenancy.

Explain to them who to call in an emergency and what are/aren't acceptable times to be contacted for non emergencies. Also determine what is an emergency and what isn't

Explain to them what you feel is the difference between regular " wear and tear" and damage to the property and always keep a professional relationship. Don't get too friendly with them.

2.) Take Care of any repairs or maintenance right away.Keep you

r tenants’ happy by taking care of any repairs quickly. Nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with items that are breaking down and having to wait long periods of time for a resolution. Tenants will be far more likely to stay if they are proud of the property they live in.

3.) Ensure your tenant's have a quiet and peaceful tenancy. This means reasonable privacy; freedom from unreasonable disturbances; exclusive use of their rental unit (unless the landlord is allowed to enter by law); and use of common areas for reasonable and lawful purposes

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